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Since the foundation of LTM in 1999, the LTM plasma etch team has developed a unique expertise in the field of plasma etching processes applied to CMOS technologies. More recently, there is a growing participation of the team in projects related to more fundamental topics emerging from very advanced nanoscience concepts where the team know-how in plasma etching can be applied.

Last 10 years, LTM etch team has been able to maintain a strong cooperation with industry (Applied Materials, STMicroelectronics and CEA-LETI) while the recognition of the team has grown significantly internationally.
Thanks to Joint development programs with Applied Materials (worldwide number one equipment supplier), LTM etch team is now operating two powerful etch cluster tools (centura 5200 and centura 300 (lien hypertext)) located in the CEA-LETI clean rooms on which real process development is achieved while a fundamental research can be simultaneously performed using in situ plasma diagnostics and quasi in situ surface analyses techniques such as XPS. Since its creation, the LTM etch team has made major breakthroughs in the field of plasma etching processes and their characterizations.

Currently, our main research topics in these fields are...