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FEM NON LINEAR COMPUTATIONS Cast-in-place Dynamic conditions Complete band-gaps Reinforced concrete Confinement Bond Aciers transversaux Dense array Creep Fonctionnement Concentrated couple Finite elements Catastrophic antiphospholipid syndrome Conditions dynamiques BDSS Band-gaps Cracks Consequences 74J20 wave scattering Calcium carbide method 74M25 micromechanics Behavior under impact 74A60 micromechanical theories Discrete element modelling Concrete BETON ARME Co-simulation DMN 74A30 nonsimple materials Stirrups Elastic metamaterials Flexible fences Avalanche Cosserat continuum Approche multi-échelles Béton armé Finite element modeling Embedded discontinuity 74J05 linear waves 74J10 bulk waves Anchor Macro-element Multi-scale approach Experiment Experimental results CALIBRATION Bolaform Endommagement 74B05 classical linear elasticity Force d’impact 75J15 surface waves Bending behavior Corresponding author Rammed earth Concentrated force Subdomain decomposition Drying DALLE Effects Courbes de fragilité Wave propagation BPMN Damage Interface Generalized continua Digital image correlation Earthquake Engineering Cable Bioengineering Early age Couple stress model FEM and DEM 74Q15 effective constitutive equations 1 Alexios Aivaliotis Damage modeling Comportement sous impact Failure Epidemiology Critical care Asynchronous electric motor Relaxed micromorphic model Fragility curves Antiphospholipid syndrome Comportement dynamique Fiber concrete Data Dynamic behavior Experiments Pullout test Fresh wood Anisotropy Argostoli Assumed enhanced strain method EXPERIMENTAL IMPACT TEST Snow avalanche Discrete element method Enriched continuum mechanics Elasto-plastic behaviour Finite Elements Business decision








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