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Here is the updated scientific production of the GETALP research team (Study Group for Machine Translation and Automated Processing of Languages and Speech), part of the research area "Data and Knowledge Processing at Large Scale" within the LIG, Grenoble Informatics Laboratory.

The goal of the GETALP is to contribute significantly to the emergence of ubilingual computing, in the context of the development of ubiquitous computiing. This goal requires to carry out researches, often pluridisciplinary, in computer sciences, in linguistics and psycholinguistics, in semantics (link with ontologies), in pragmatics (for the dialogue), and in signal and speech processing.

The GETALP team is organized around six main research topics:

  1. Machine Translation (MT) and Computer-Aided Translation (CAT)
  2. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and associated platforms
  3. Linguistic Data Resources Collection and Construction
  4. Information Systems Localization
  5. Automatic Recognition of Speech, Speakers, Sounds and Dialect
  6. Sounds analysis and Interaction within Perceptive Environments

The activities linked to these research topics share five challenges:


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Ambient Assisted Living AAL Désambiguïsation lexicale Quality estimation Automatic Speech Recognition Comprehensibility Modèle acoustique L2 English Locuteur Data collection Activity Recognition Natural Language Processing Habitat intelligent Emotion recognition French Word Embedding Langues peu dotées Apprentissage profond Smart Home Categst2i Natural language processing Français Language documentation Traduction Automatique Classification DiLAF Wolof Spoken language understanding Lexical stress Apprentissage automatique Assessment Natural language understanding Word Sense Disambiguation Lexique Natural language generation BERT Under-resourced languages Affective Computing Deep learning Voice-user interface Collaborative annotation Spontaneous speech XML Traduction automatique Machine translation Communication Alternative et Augmentée Statistical machine translation Ambient Assisted Living Traduction automatique neuronale Extraction de contenu Active learning Analyse morphologique African languages Neural machine translation Elderly Pictogrammes Lexical database Bambara NLP Jibiki Information Retrieval Augmentative and Alternative Communication Computational language documentation Détection-de-sons Speaker recognition Dictionary Base lexicale Reconnaissance de sons Smart home Expressive speech TAL Machine Translation Corpus Human-computer interaction Reconnaissance Arabizi Affective computing Apprentissage machine Arabic Dialect Language model Markov Logic Network Assistance à la vie autonome Machine Learning LMF MotÀMot Reconnaissance automatique de la parole Speech recognition Rhythm Évaluation Forensic voice comparison Automatic speech recognition Challenge Comparable corpora Active reading Machine learning Unwritten languages Ambient intelligence Speech ASR Ambient Intelligence LSTM


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