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Since the foundation of LTM in 1999, the team of Advanced Lithography has been working, in tight partnership with STMicroelectronics and CEA-Leti, on the improvement of the cutting-edge photolithography techniques used for integrated circuits patterning.

In this challenging domain, requiring tremendous investments that only a few leading industrial groups can afford, it became essential to gather academia and industry R&D efforts. Within this collaborative framework, LTM has been participating to the spectacular progress of conventional photolithography over the last decade by providing developments of simulation tools and nanoimprint techniques.

Currently, our main research topics in these fields are...
  1. Contribution to Next Generation Lithographies
    • Nanoimprint lithography (thermal and UV)
    • Thorough analysis of ultrathin films of photoresist

  2. Simulation tools
    • Lithography modelling including OPC and 3D electromagnetic solvers
    • Electromagnetic codes for EUV interferometry lithography