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of GRG - Research Group in Geomechanics, of GEOMAS Laboratory




Wave barrier Soil reinforcement 74J20 wave scattering Hybrid asynchronous time integration Wave-propagation Grain Breakage Granular material Bifurcation Model selection Micro-mechanics Elasto-plastic models Unsaturated soil Geosynthetics Finite-sized meta-structures AMS 2010 subject classification 74A30 nonsimple materials MODA Humid conditions Oedometric compression Coarse granular materials Geosynthetic Second-order work Soil arching Discrete element method Alexiosaivaliotis@insa-lyonfr Vibration of beams Pull-out test Enriched continuum mechanics Critical speed Plasticity Interface Data Co-simulation KPIs BPMN Wave propagation BDSS Unbounded domains Dynamic magnification factor Rockfill materials DIC 74J10 bulk waves Size effects Hysteresis 74Q15 effective constitutive equations 1 Alexios Aivaliotis GSD evolution Material selection Subdomain decomposition Micro and macro-scale effects Anchorage systems Material model Interoperability 75J15 surface waves Water retention curve Metadata Incremental response DMN 74B05 classical linear elasticity Generalized inverse 74J05 linear waves Finite-sized metastructures Instability Business decision One-dimensional compression Moving load Anisotropic metamaterials Grain crushing Relaxed micromorphic model Mesoscopic scale Finite-sized metastructures AMS 2010 subject classification 74A30 nonsimple materials Elastoplastic behaviour GEOMAS Tactile pressure sensors 74A60 micromechanical theories Energy dissipation Cavity Physical modeling Rockfill structures Corresponding author Unbounded medium Stiffness Scattering Band-gaps Weibull distribution Wave progagation Granular material Instability Composite coats Discrete element model Multi-physics Strain Hybrid asynchronous Rayleigh absorbing layers HA-ALID Single-particle strength Neutral stability 74M25 micromechanics








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